Digital Assets As Part of Your Estate

Property, possessions, money in the bank, shares and investments. Those are the standard types of assets that most of us will think about protecting during our lifetime and passing on to loved ones after our death. You may have set out in your Will that your share of the family home should pass to your […]

A Change In The Law To Help Families of Missing People

This summer saw the introduction of ‘Claudia’s Law’. Named after Claudia Lawrence who went missing in York in 2009, the much campaigned for new legislation has been hailed as hugely significant for those coping with the disappearance of a loved one. The emotional distress that families suffer has long been aggravated by difficulties in dealing […]

Why it might be worth looking into a mirror Will

For many couples, drawing up a Will is a joint process. They will often go together to see their solicitor and will discuss the terms they’d like to formalise. While a Will is an individual document, it’s down to each person to set out their wishes (and that autonomy is really important), two people in […]

Powers of Attorney – the mental health insurance policy?

As unpredictable as the future is, it’s safe to say that mental ill health will touch each of our lives in some way. A particularly worrying trend is the rise in cases of dementia. It is reckoned that, globally, the number of people living with dementia will rise from 50 million in 2018 to 152 […]

Contesting a Will

A Will records a person’s final wishes. It sets out what they would like to happen to the things they own once they have died. And, being a formal legal document, it should be put into effect when the time comes. After all, if a Will-maker cannot count on terms being carried out, why make a Will at all?