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Expert private client lawyers Canary Wharf specialising in wills, inheritance tax planning, probate, powers of attorney, trusts, court of protection applications.

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Thomas Mansfield Solicitors Limited in Canary Wharf specialise in all aspects of private client work including drafting wills and powers of attorney, advising on inheritance tax planning and trusts, probate and applications in the Court of Protection. We also advise international clients about drafting wills for property and assets in the United Kingdom and clients in the United Kingdom who have property and assets abroad.

Writing a will is one of life’s major legal decisions but it is surprising how few people have one despite the devastating impact of dying intestate can have on loved ones and dependents. It is never too early to have a will so don’t leave it any longer. Our solicitors are experts in drafting wills for a wide range of personal circumstances and can help ensure your estate is left to the persons of your choice.

In addition to a will every person should have a lasting power of attorney to ensure that should you ever lose capacity someone of your choice can make decisions on your behalf. Life is full of ups and downs and a power of attorney will ensure you will be in safe hands in the event of an accident or serious illness. Decisions regarding your care, welfare and finances can be made on your behalf by someone you trust rather than someone the state considers best.

Billions of pounds are paid to the state every year in inheritance tax from the estates of people who did not consider any tax planning when drafting a will or they have died intestate without a will. You will be surprised how low the inheritance tax threshold is. This means that for every pound you leave above the threshold, forty pence will be taken by HMRC. The payment of inheritance tax is avoidable with careful tax planning. Our inheritance tax planning solicitors have years of experience in assisting people with estates of all sizes and complexities minimise inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax upon death. Contact us today for further information or set up an appointment 020 7426 4915.

After an individual has died the executors of the will need to make an application for a grant of probate to enable them to realise the financial value in the estate and pay off any debts before distributing to the beneficiaries. The process of administering the estate of someone who has died is called probate (where there is a will). It can be a difficult time for the executors because they are often family members and going through a period of grieving. It can also be a difficult process over an extended period of time. Our private client solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of probate on behalf of the executors and can take out all the associated stress. Contact us today for further details.

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With locations throughout London and the South East, Thomas Mansfield private client solicitors have the resources to provide you with expert legal advice whenever and wherever you need it. We can also visit you at home if you need a home visit.

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Canary Wharf is a business meeting centre. We do not have a permanent office location here but our solicitors see clients using the meeting room facilities. Any correspondence or telephone enquiries should be sent to our London City office: Thomas Mansfield Solicitors, 35 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LP (020 7426 4915).