Secure your future: the crucial role of a solicitor in preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney

Explore the importance of appointing a solicitor for your Lasting Power of Attorney with Thomas Mansfield Solicitors. Learn key insights on avoiding common LPA mistakes and securing your future with expert legal guidance. Contact us for personalized advice on estate planning and safeguarding your interests.

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors strengthens presence in Tunbridge Wells with a new office at 65 The High Street

We’re excited to share that we’ve opened a new office at No 65 The High Street, right in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. This latest expansion not only reinforces our physical presence in the heart of the town but also underlines our commitment to serving Tunbridge Wells’ community […]

The Queen of Soul and the handwritten Will

Aretha Franklin has often been cited as one of the most high-profile celebrities not to have made a Will. But nine months after she passed away, there was a significant discovery. Two Wills were uncovered. The first, from 2010, was a handwritten note found along with other documents in a locked desk drawer in her home. The second – also handwritten but dated 2014 – was in a spiral notebook wedged under the cushions of her sofa. […]

How have the intestacy rules changed?

The government has announced that the statutory legacy will increase from £270,000 to £322,000 with effect from 26 July 2023 […]

Making financial decisions on behalf of a child

Most children’s lives are significantly influenced by their parents who are empowered by the legal concept of ‘parental responsibility’. Parents make all sorts of decisions for their children until such age as they’re able to do it for themselves. But in some families, that time never comes, because the young person doesn’t acquire the necessary mental capacity […]

Your top questions about inheritance tax answered

Figures released by HMRC show a £1billion increase in inheritance tax collections in 2022. Now standing at a record £7.1billion, the tax is no longer seen as something that applies to the wealthiest in society. In fact, almost a quarter more people are now said to be paying inheritance tax than were in the last financial year […]

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors announces opening of Guildford office

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors has had an exciting start to 2023 with the launch of a new office in Guildford, in response to increasing demand from clients in the city and wider region. 

The legal process after someone dies

When a loved one dies, you may find yourself asking: what now? It’s a big question, emotionally. It’s also one that needs answering in a practical sense. Certain things need to happen when a person passes away, and many of these will fall to those closest to them. But what’s involved in this process? What steps need to be taken?

The New Year’s resolution you can stick to…

Exercise more? Cut out alcohol? Make a Will? Good intentions come in all shapes and sizes. And a new year presents that perfect opportunity to make changes, to improve, to get things done. It feels like a time to start afresh, with a positive attitude and a determination to shake off the old.