The New Year’s resolution you can stick to…

Exercise more? Cut out alcohol? Make a Will? Good intentions come in all shapes and sizes. And a new year presents that perfect opportunity to make changes, to improve, to get things done. It feels like a time to start afresh, with a positive attitude and a determination to shake off the old.

Season’s greetings & a year in review

As the end of 2022 approaches, we want to say thank you to our clients, contacts, colleagues, families and friends for their support over the last 12 months.

Funeral plans as part of Will preparation

How does the thought of planning your funeral sound? While we’re all encouraged to live ‘in the moment’ as much as possible, thinking ahead is important if we want to make things easier for those we leave behind. Powers of attorney, trusts, Wills, and tax planning are all part of that process, without which loved ones face a less straightforward route to dealing with our affairs and, potentially, inheriting less of the value in our estate […]

When Wills are changed

The Express newspaper recently highlighted the turmoil that can ensue when families are locked in a row over inheritance. The story centred around the entitlement of ‘Lord’ Brett McLean to the £300,000 home left to him by his mother, Maureen. Reports say that in 2017, Maureen and her husband Reginald (who had three children by his previous wife, before Brett was born to him and Maureen) made Mirror Wills […]

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors announces three new partners in latest promotions round

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors has announced three new partner promotions at the firm. The promotions have been made in the Employment and Family Law teams and reflect the firm’s continuing growth and success […]

Why family businesses should be more royal

The Firm. Monarchy Plc. The Royal Family’s monikers leave little doubt that underpinning the institution are well-oiled business practices. This has become increasingly evident in recent years, as plans for succession to the throne have been implemented. The Queen has withdrawn from royal duties; younger royals have stepped up. It means the ‘business’ should transition […]

How the law could help families keep more memories alive

People tend not to see digital assets, like photos, music playlists, social media accounts, as ‘assets’ in the usual sense. But for loved ones left behind, digital assets maintain an important connection to the person they have lost […]

Thomas Mansfield takes to the streets in support of the London Legal Support Trust

Staff at Thomas Mansfield Solicitors are participating in not one, but three 10km Legal Walks in May and June, in support of The London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that raises funds for free legal services in London & the South East […]

Could leaving money to charity mean less inheritance tax?

Future planning, including writing a Will, isn’t just about deciding how assets should be allocated. It’s also about making the very best of those assets, preserving their value and minimising the tax that will be charged to an estate after their disposal […]